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Hey everybody! My name is Jerry.
Pretty much I'll post everything that I think is amusing, endearing or amazing.
Likely to include: Sherlock, Dr. Who, Supernatural, Firefly, Marvel Movies, adorable animals and other.... you know, generally awesome shit. =D Enjoy!
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Acting gave me an outlet for my creativity, because I never wanted to be at school, and I was so creative as a child, be it drawing or just wandering around the house pretending to be other people. It also it set me up very well for the position I’m in now, where I’m quite used to how the industry works and rejection and all those things that come with it, which I’m really grateful for. I was never a child star. I did a few really nice jobs as I was growing up, but it was never overwhelming and I was always quite protected. So I just had a lot of fun. 

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Accidentally hurting someone vs. accidentally hurting an animal


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Bucky’s ‘oh shit I lost Steve he was here just a second ago’ face

Bucky’s ‘oh shit I lost Steve he was here just a second ago’ face

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What happened to you?


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I need his prosthetic leg.

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You’re hilarious.

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"I sat there and watched him get his hair cut yesterday. How much stronger of a friendship do you need?" - Jensen Ackles

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Bucky (from)


Bilbo + Emojis

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bucky tortures tony